Welcome to Osteopathic Health Care

osteopathy (os·te·op·a·thy) – a holistic form of complementary medical treatment which uses gentle manual (hands-on) techniques to diagnose and treat a wide variety of health problems. Osteopaths recognise that the functions of the human body are inherently linked and can affect each other. The Osteopath gently works with the body’s structure to enhance and accelerate the healing process. (See our section on Osteopathy for more details!)

Osteopathic Health Care Pte Ltd was established in 2003 by an Australian Osteopathic practitioner,Virginia Tang. The clinic began operating from within a complementary health care clinic in Tanglin Place. As business continued to grow with the addition of another Osteopathic practitioner, Lee Nicholson, the clinic then relocated to Camden Medical Centre. During the 3 years at Camden Medical Centre, the practitioners have been treating people of all ages from new-borns to the elderly from local Singaporeans to expatriates from various countries.

Now with the addition of a third Osteopathic practitioner and naturopath, Adrian Lalani, Osteopathic Health Care has expanded to even larger premises located at The Biopolis in Buona Vista. The exciting move to this research and development hub of Singapore occurred in March 2007.

Osteopathic medicine is still in it’s infancy in Singapore and even in the whole of Asia. Therefore Osteopathic Health Care aims to bring osteopathic medicine to Asia with visions to continue expanding the knowledge about Osteopathy in Asia and abroad.